Bloxx is in the BTFF alley, talking with the few friends he has there who haven't joined UPF, when he notices a guy called Scooter.

Nick slaps Scooter.

Nick: Stop it!! >:(

Scooter: What the heck did I do?!

Sub: You're being annoying.

Omni: Yeah, really annoying...

Nick: Just stop it.

Bloxx walks up.

Bloxx: Hey guys I made a Pokeman group.... wanna join? :3

Nick: Stop advertising,

Nick, in a mocking voice: Bloxx. -_-

Omni: Yeah.

Scooter: I like Pokemon! Can I join?

Bloxx smiles.

Bloxx: Follow me.

Bloxx takes Scooter onto the apartment in which the UPF group was held. Scooter gazes over the apartment in exicement.

Scooter: Wow, this place looks pretty cool!

Bloxx: I know, I made it myself.

Estew nudges Bloxx

Bloxx: With the help of Estew, of course....

Scooter: I'll be glad to join, I see a future in this group.

Walkatrout: Yeah, me too. :D

Bloxx: Let's go make pages!

Estew: Fudge yeah.

Scooter: I don't really know what to do.

Estew: Oh it's easy, just get on your laptop, and  log on. 

Scooter: Alright.

Scooter gets out his laptop and opens up UPFW.

Scooter: Oh cool a wiki!

Bloxx: Yep.

Scooter looks at Estew longingly and Estew returns the look.

Omni walks in. 

Omni: I want in, bros. 

Bloxx: Uh......

Scooter: NO, YOU'RE A BULLY! ;C 

Estew: ...You're a...bully..? 

Omni: No... ._.

Bloxx: Kay, you can come. 

Omni: YAY! E-e-e-EW...This coding. MAYBE, if you admin me, I can fix it. 

Bloxx looks at Scooter, who was recently promoted, then to Estew who nods.

Estew: Okay, but only for a little bit.